Fox River Grove



What happened to the originally proposed and approved downtown redevelopment project?

The original 20-acre mixed use project (Original Phasing Plan Map) was scaled back to focus on the original 300 apartments to be located within Phase I.  Grove Residences has approval to obtain permits for the construction of Phase IA (100 units) and Phase IB (200 units) south of Route 14.

Why construct apartments in the proposed Phase I area?

The transit-oriented development (TOD) is an important and commonly used planning approach designed to locate a higher concentration of housing and commercial near commuter train stations. One benefit of TOD includes more residential or (consumers) near downtown Fox River Grove which in turn makes for a more desirable place for businesses to locate because of the close proximity of customers. This results in more people to support local businesses that generate non-residential tax base for local taxing districts that provide services to the community.

Why is the Village purchasing properties around the Municipal Center?

Traditionally viewed as the heart of downtown Fox River Grove, the frontage of the block along Northwest Highway between Lincoln Avenue and Illinois Street is ripe for new investment with the dated structures and high vacancy rates over the past several years. The redevelopment of this block is vital to the creation of spaces that meet the needs of the current commercial market.