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Last Updated: August 31, 2023

Welcome to Fox River Grove's Downtown Redevelopment Hub

Welcome to the official Fox River Grove downtown redevelopment page. This platform serves as a source of information for residents, business owners, and interested parties regarding the ongoing downtown redevelopment initiatives in Fox River Grove. The Village remains committed to revitalizing the downtown area. It's important to note that while the Village plays a role in the redevelopment process, the ultimate success of a project remains out of the Village’s control and relies on the private sector (developer) delivering the final product.

Here is the current status of project sites within the downtown:

Grove Residences
The Grove Residences project has been a focal point of development, with plans for the construction of 100 apartments on Algonquin Road, just south of Northwest Highway in Phase IA. Recently, the project underwent a transition in ownership.

Currently, the Village is actively engaged in negotiations with the new developer to establish a revised redevelopment agreement (RDA). The Village’s aim is to ensure that the project proceeds according to its existing design. This collaborative effort is fueled by a desire to see Phase IA come to fruition. Upon approval of the revised RDA, the new owners would have the means to secure financing and construct Phase IA. The Village remains committed to this transformative project and look forward to its positive economic impacts on our community.

Northwest Highway Block Between Lincoln Avenue & Illinois Street
In 2021, the Village acquired parcels on Block B, encompassing properties along Northwest Highway from Illinois Street to Lincoln Avenue  (Development Area Map).  Despite economic challenges, the Village’s dedication to pursuing development opportunities for this block has endured. In October 2022, the Village enlisted a commercial real estate broker to promote Block B to the commercial and mixed-use development community. Subsequently, in March 2023, the Village Board selected Norwood Builders as the developer and entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for the redevelopment of Block B. This ambitious project has been in progress since 2015, aligning with the establishment of the TIF District.

The proposed concept plan introduces a 182,000 sq. ft., 5-story building with 8,600 sq. ft. of commercial space, 150 apartment units (including 60 studios with adaptable dividers, 60 one-bedroom, and 30 two-bedroom units), 92 indoor parking stalls, and 128 outdoor parking stalls. For more in-depth information, please visit our Block B webpage.

212 Northwest Highway - Grayhill Site
In 2015, an agreement was reached with the owner of 212 Northwest Highway to utilize the rear parking lot for municipal parking purposes at no cost to the Village. Subsequent discussions with Grayhill, the property owner, led to the Village's acquisition of the property (Site Map). In the immediate future, the site will continue to serve as municipal parking, with the potential to contribute to a broader redevelopment strategy in the years to come.

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