Fox River Grove

Downtown Redevelopment

Last Updated: October 11, 2022

Welcome to the Fox River Grove downtown redevelopment webpage. The purpose of this webpage is to keep residents, business owners, and others informed about downtown redevelopment within Fox River Grove. There are many moving parts in the Village’s redevelopment efforts over the entire downtown redevelopment area. Some projects such as Culver’s (2019) have already come to fruition while others continue to make progress.

Grove Residences
This project calls for the construction of 100 apartments on Algonquin Road south of Northwest Highway in Phase IA. The Phase IA area is currently owned by the developer, and a permit for the construction of the foundation is issued. Final plans for the construction of the apartment building are complete. At this time, the developer has stalled with the progress of this project. The Village is ready to issue final permits once the developer is ready to proceed. A redevelopment agreement is also in place with the developer for the construction of 200 additional apartment units (Phase IB) should the developer acquire the necessary properties to complete the project.

Northwest Highway Block Between Lincoln Avenue & Illinois Street
In 2021, the Village purchased parcels on Block B, which includes the properties along Northwest Highway between Illinois Street and Lincoln Avenue (Development Area Map), and  identified a developer and plan for this block.  The project recently stalled due to current economic conditions.  While the Village retains the option to resume these plans with the identified developer at a future date, the Village continues to seek an alternative developer that is interested in pursuing a project now. The Village is currently marketing the property to the commercial / mixed-use development community through a real estate broker. The Village has been actively working on this plan since 2015, with the adoption of the TIF District.

At this time, the proposed concept plan calls for a 141,000 square foot building / 3 stories, with 14,000 - 15,000 square feet of commercial space and 80 apartments. For more information, click the following link Block B.

212 Northwest Highway - Grayhill Site
In 2015, the Village made arrangements with the property owner to utilize the rear parking lot on this vacant site as municipal parking at no cost to the Village. After recent negotiations with the owners, Grayhill, the Village purchased the property (Site Map). It will continue to be used for municipal parking in the short term, and could be combined with other parcels toward a larger redevelopment in the coming years.

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