Previously Approved Plans

Below is a set of links to previously approved plans relating to redevelopment in Fox River Grove's downtown area.


Downtown Subarea Architectural and Streetscape Guidelines (2014)

These guidelines, adopted in 2014, are intended to promote the vitality and economic health of Fox River Grove’s downtown area by providing design direction on the type, character and quality of the built environment. The purpose of the guidelines is not to dictate a specific development plan for the properties located in the downtown area, but rather establish a set of standards and identify elements of building and streetscape design that should be encouraged in the downtown.


FRG Streetscape Example Video (2014)

This linked video presents the way the Northwest Highway corridor might look if the 2014 streetscape guidelines were implemented. The password FoxRiverGrove may be required to watch the video.


Downtown Redevelopment Project Implementation Plan (2010)

This plan, adopted in 2010, was developed in order to provide a link between the Village's previous downtown work (e.g. vision statements and data, etc.) and redevelopment. Elements include: a market feasibility study of retail, commercial and residential opportunities, a land use and land assembly plan which supports the potential implementation of the downtown vision, a review of the costs and potential financing mechanisms which would be required in order to implement the downtown vision, meetings with developers to review the downtown vision and to determine potential future interest in the Village, and discussions with current property owners to determine commercial property owners who might be interested in additional development of their property in order to be part of a downtown implementation plan.


Comprehensive Plan (2007)

The Village's most recent comprehensive plan was adopted in 2007. A comprehensive plan is a land-use plan that serves as a tool for economic redevelopment efforts within the corporate and the extraterritorial limits of a municipality. This plan builds on previous land use and economic development plans of the community, and provides direction to elected and appointed officials, residents, businesses, property owners and developers seeking to improve upon the character and quality of life in Fox River Grove.

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