Q: Why is the Village entertaining this development proposal?

A: This 20-acre mixed-use project has a projected value of $250 million that could revitalize downtown Fox River Grove if implemented. The transit-oriented development offers:

  1. An increased employment base, a more diverse tax base, and a reduced tax burden on our current residents and businesses
  2. A retail and commercial component constructed to attract modern retailers and businesses
  3. Parking infrastructure to support the downtown business district
  4. A potential mixed use component along Route 14 (Phase III) with retail/commercial along Route 14 with apartments above

Q: Who are the developers?

A: GART Partners is a Northbrook, Illinois based full service real estate company with over 250 years of combined commercial real estate experience. GART has developed over 70 million square feet of real estate projects, including Arlington Town Square in Arlington Heights and Metropolitan Square in Des Plaines.

Q: Is this development going to include any “affordable housing”?

A: The proposal includes market-rate apartment units funded through private investment. No state or federal financing is being proposed for the project.

Q: Has the Village already approved the project?

A: No. A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was approved in June 2014. The MOU committed GART to cover all Village costs for the project, including design and construction of all required public infrastructure in the project area. Under the MOU, the Village committed to expanding the current downtown TIF district to incorporate the entire proposed redevelopment area. The Village also committed to exclusive negotiations with GART for the defined redevelopment area for one year.

All of the phases of the redevelopment will have to go through a process that includes public meetings of the Planning & Economic Development Commission (PEDC) and Village Board. For more information, please view the Project Timeline.

Q: Why construct 300 apartments in the proposed Phase I area?

A: The transit-oriented development (TOD) is an important and commonly used planning approach designed to locate a higher concentration of housing and commercial near commuter train stations. One benefit of TOD includes more residential or (consumers) near downtown Fox River Grove which in turn makes for a more desirable place for businesses to locate because of the close proximity of customers. This results in more people to support local businesses that generate non-residential tax base for local taxing districts to provide services to the community.

Q: How is the Village going to accommodate the traffic?

A: Given that this is planned as a transit-oriented development, it is expected that many of the apartment residents would primarily be METRA commuters. As part of the planning process for this development, a Traffic Impact Analysis (TIA) of the area(s) would be completed. This analysis would consider current traffic on the area roads and the impacts of the development. If the analysis shows traffic improvements are needed, then improvements could be required as part of the redevelopment project.

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