Yardwaste Services

Yardwaste cannot be disposed of in your normal trash can. Yardwaste includes grass clippings, brush, weeds, leaves, garden and household organic plant material and small branches.

Yardwaste does not include Christmas wreaths, pumpkins, fruit/vegetables, hay or corn stalks. These items should be disposed of in your compost or trash. Occasional floral arrangements or household plants may also be disposed of in the trash.

How to Dispose of Yardwaste

  • Yardwaste collection runs from April - November.
  • Yardwaste must be placed in biodegradable Kraft paper bags (34 gallons/50lbs. max) or a yard waste toter.
  • Prior to disposing of yardwaste, shake away any loose soil.
  • Place a yardwaste sticker(s) on all Kraft bags and yard waste toters for collection. Make sure stickers are visible to the waste haulers from the street.

How to Purchase Stickers, Bags, or Toters

  • Yardwaste stickers can be purchased at the Village Hall, Ace Hardware, or ordered directly from Waste Management by calling 800-796-9696.
  • Brown Kraft bags are available for purchase at the following businesses in town: Ace Hardware, Walgreens.
  • 64 or 96 gallon yard waste toters are available through Waste Management for a monthly charge. Two yardwaste stickers must be placed on the 64 gallon toter and three stickers on the 96 gallon toter for collection.

Free Yardwaste Days
Yardwaste will be picked up for free on during two weeks in May, and throughout October and November. Please check the most recent Village newsletter for specific dates. You may put out as many brown Kraft bags as needed without stickers on these days.

Fox River Grove, Illinois

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