Fox River Grove

Fox River Grove Eliminates Vehicle Stickers

FOX RIVER GROVE— The Fox River Grove Village Board wants to find ways to reduce costs to residents and recently took action to eliminate vehicle stickers. Although the average savings per household is roughly $40, there are some households in the Village that will save over $100 annually as a result of this decision.

In addition to easing the financial burden on residents, the elimination of vehicle stickers was a practical step taken for several other reasons. First, vehicle stickers were originally established as a way to ensure a dedicated stream of revenue for road resurfacing, but the program generated $56,000 annually, or about 12% of road resurfacing costs. The Village is now in a financial position where these funds are not
needed for road purposes. Second, obtaining full compliance with the program proved to be a difficult task. In an average year, 25% of the households in the Village elected not to purchase stickers, leading to an estimated $15,000 - $20,000 in uncollected revenue. Lastly, the collection and distribution process of the vehicle sticker program was a very labor-intensive process for a small staff.

Acting Village President McLaughlin summarized the decision by stating “The Village Board wanted to find a way to try to help its residents financially. Eliminating vehicle stickers is a step in that direction.”