Fox River Grove

Fox River Grove Establishes Multi-Year Water Main Infrastructure Replacement Program

FOX RIVER GROVE— The Fox River Grove Village Board recently took action to begin funding a multi-year water main infrastructure replacement program.

Given that the Village was incorporated in 1919, many of the water mains in the older sections of the Village are approaching 100 years old. As such, these mains are far more prone to breaks than those constructed in recent years. In order to improve water quality, avoid future breaks, and maintain the system, the Village Board recently approved a plan to begin replacing the aging mains.

At a cost of roughly $14 Million in today’s dollars, the Village opted to fund water main replacements over approximately 30 years on a “pay as you go” basis with cash on hand. By doing so the Village will continue to maintain its debt free status.

To fund this infrastructure replacement program, the Village had to raise water and sewer rates 9.4% (17.97% water increase; 3.44% sewer increase) in 2021. Provided that the Village sees no development within the next two years, rates are projected to see this increase by the same amount in each of the next two years. However, with new development and the sale of more water and sewer services, the Village would anticipate a reduction in these projected rate increases.

The first water main replacement program is scheduled for construction in 2024.

In an effort to help offset the impacts of the rate increases, the Village Board opted to eliminate Fox River Grove’s vehicle sticker program. This change will save the average household roughly $40 per year.