Fox River Grove

Streets and Parks

Tree Maintenance Program
The Village has a tree program to care for all parkway trees, including major trimming, and removal. Any tree or shrub overhanging a sidewalk or street which interferes with traffic and/or travel is required, by ordinance, to be trimmed by the owner of the abutting premises. Homeowners are responsible for removing dead or dangerous trees on their property. Please note that the contractor/homeowner that removes trees is responsible for their disposal.
Tree Planting Program

Branch Chipping

  • The Village will chip limbs (weather permitting) at the following times:
  • 1st Tuesday every month, April through November
  • After a major storm (determined by Streets and Parks)
  • Christmas trees during the second week of January

Staff will begin on the south side of town and work from west to east. Once complete, the north side will be done in the same manner.

Chipper material must be:

  • Larger than 1 1/2" in diameter
  • No larger than 5" in diameter
  • No stumps or roots
  • No less than 4' in length
  • No more than 10' in length

Limbs must be placed in parkway with cut ends facing the road or direction of traffic flow. Small branches should be bagged in a brown craft bag with a yard waste sticker to be picked up by Waste Management on Fridays.

Fox River Grove does not wish to finance homeowners removing trees on private property; therefore the contractor removing the trees will be responsible for disposal of this material.

Mailbox Installation
Please make sure that your mailbox is securely fastened and is not protruding over the street. If the mailbox hangs over the curb and into the street, it is in danger of being damaged or knocked over by heavy snow coming off the snowplow.

Regulations concerning the proper height and distance from the street are set by the United States Postal Service. The mailbox should be 40 to 44 inches in height and 6 to 8 inches set back from the curb or edge of the street. In addition, the area should be clear of snow in order to allow the Post Office access.

50/50 Sidewalk Program
The Village has a program that splits the cost of the replacement of sidewalk squares with the adjacent resident. For additional information, please click the following link.
50/50 Sidewalk Program 

Streets & Parks Responsibilities

Streets: Patching/paving, snow & ice, sweeping, road maintenance program, crack sealing, striping and curbs.

Signs: Repair, inventory, and installation and comply with Federal Highway Administration reflectivity requirements.

Street Lights: Repair street lights that are the responsibility of the Village and coordinate the repair of street lights that are Com Ed's responsibility.

Storm Sewer and NPDES Phase II: Catch basin, drywell and inlet cleaning. Ditching, culvert installation, replacement and improvement. Retention and detention area maintenance. Pipe and structure utility locates. National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System is an EPA mandated, non-funded program to eliminate stormwater pollution by complying with 6 set minimum control measures.

Sidewalk: Coordinate the replacement of various sidewalks and removes snow from various sidewalk locations.

Parks: Maintenance of 165 acres includes five playgrounds. Perform inspections, repairs, improvements, supervise volunteer groups, maintain creeks and ponds, and ice skating rink. Review park restoration/maintenance/improvement permits, applications and grant applications.

JULIE Utility Locates: Joint Utility Locating Information for excavators. Fox River Grove receives approximately 700 utility locating requests per year.

Mosquito Management: Larvicide application to storm sewer inlets and catch basins. Review potential hazards and provide recommendations to the Village Board.

Commuter & Metra Lots: Maintain pavement and grounds, tree trimming, snow removal, signs, lighting, sidewalk, drop box/shelters, striping and contract maintenance.

Downtown Decorations: Flags/banners and holiday decorations.

Special Events: Special event setup, take down and clean up for arts & crafts fair, fireworks, Fox Chase 5K, Fox River Grove Criterium, tree lighting, etc.

Special Service Areas: Coordinate SSA maintenance of Talon (Fox Glen), Picnic Grove, Gardner Terrace (Victoria Woods) and Hunter's Farm subdivisions.