Fox River Grove

Salting & De-Icing Procedures

The Village uses an environmentally friendly alternative to salt only to remove snow and ice from streets, a liquid by-product consisting of salt brine mix (70%), beet juice (20%) (beet by-product) and calcium chloride (10%). This product will be mixed with the salt on the trucks to create an oatmeal-like substance, and then applied to the streets.

This liquid has several advantages.

  • Beet juice adds moisture to help salt work better.
  • Lowers the working temperature of salt to around 20 degrees (below zero).
  • Creates a composition that sticks to the pavement versus dry salt that can bounce off of the pavement.
  • Reduces salt use by 20%.
  • Environmentally friendly product.
  • Since the liquid is being mixed with salt, residents should not see a noticeable difference in the de-icing materials being applied to local streets.