Fox River Grove

Mailbox Damage

During the winter months, the Village strives to keep all roadways clear from snow and ice. Mailboxes and posts can occasionally be damaged by the weight of snow being pushed off of roadways by plows. The Village recommends that homeowners keep mailboxes properly maintained and clear of snow, thus decreasing the chances that damage could occur.

If a mailbox is damaged directly by a plow blade (at the Village's discretion), the Village will repair or replace as necessary. Repairs / replacements of mailboxes damaged by snow are a homeowner's responsibility.

If your mailbox has been damaged directly by Village snow plow, you can submit a request for service online. Click here to submit a request.

Mailbox Installation Guidelines

Follow these mailbox installation guidelines to help ensure that the Village can plow snow all the way to the curbline.

United States Post Office regulations require that the face of a mailbox be installed 6-8 inches behind the curbline or road surface, and the bottom of the mailbox by 41" - 45" above the ground.