Fox River Grove

Recurring Payments (Auto Pay)

Fox River Grove offers a great option to pay for your water & sewer bill through Auto Pay. With Auto Pay, you can have your water & sewer bill automatically withdrawn from your checking or savings account, or via a credit or debit card.

Setup Recurring Payments (Autopay)

Why should I enroll?

Save Time & Money:  For You & the Village
With Auto Pay, the Village does not need to spend time opening payment envelopes, entering payments in our system, or calculating deposits for the bank. This saves several hours a week. If you are someone who used to mail in your payment, you can save yourself the cost of a stamp too!
Go Green:  Reduce the Need for Paper
The Village recycles hundreds of envelopes, slips of paper, and bill stubs each month from water bills. Auto Pay is a great paperless option that helps reduce our carbon footprint.
Get Organized:  Pay Your Bill on Time
It's now easier than ever to pay your bill on time. When you receive your water bill, simply enter the payment amount in your checkbook and a deduction will automatically be withdrawn when it's due. No longer will you have to search for that pesky postcard in your stack of bills when it is time to pay it.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if my enrollment form was successful?
You can determine if you are enrolled when you receive your water bill postcard in the mail. It will indicate "Auto Pay" near the due date if your enrollment has been processed.
When will a withdrawal be taken from my account?
Once your registration is complete, your re-occurring bill will be withdrawn from your account on the bill's due date. You will continue to receive your water bill postcard in the mail for filing purposes, but it will indicate "Auto Pay".
What if I do not see a withdrawal from my account when my bill is due?
If your water bill indicates "Auto Pay", please contact the Village Hall at or 847-639-3170 with your name and water/sewer account number. If your bill does not indicate "Auto Pay" please be sure it has been 6-8 weeks from the day your enrollment form was received prior to contacting the Village.
What if I have insufficient funds in my bank account at the time of withdrawal?
The Village may notify you via e-mail and/or call you to notify you funds were unable to be withdrawn. You must then pay your bill using cash or check at the Village Hall. Even if adequate funds are available in your account after a withdrawal has been attempted, the Village must receive a cash or check payment. In addition, you may receive a pink late bill from the Village with an additional charge for late payment. Your bank charges an additional fee to the Village that will get applied to your account. To avoid these penalties, please ensure you have enough money in your bank account prior to your water bill due date.
How do I manage recurring payments?
To change the account from which your recurring payment is made, please manage your account via the following link Manage recurring payments / I already have a username and password on the payment website.