Fox River Grove

Branches and Brush Removal

Branch Chipping
The Village provides branch (larger than 1 1/2" in diameter) and tree limb chipping services free of charge.

  • First Tuesday every month (April - November)
  • After a major storm (as determined by the Village)

The Village's crew will begin on the south side of the Village and work from west to east followed by the north side in the same manner.

Chipper material must be:
Larger than 1 ½" in diameter
No larger than 5" in diameter
No stumps or roots
No less than 4' in length
No more than 10' in length

Materials to be chipped must be placed in parkway with cut ends facing the road or direction of traffic flow.

IMPORTANT: Property owners hiring a contractor to complete tree trimming and tree removal are responsible for the disposal of all materials generated. The Village will not dispose of trees removed by a contractor.