Fox River Grove

Cost for Service

Billing is on a 3-month advanced bill cycle by Prairieland-LRS. The 2023 monthly cost for the base program is $22.06 per home for the following services:

  • Refuse collection (default 95 gallon toter)
  • Recycling collection (default 65 gallon toter)
  • Two free yardwaste collection periods (2 weeks in spring, 9 weeks in fall)
  • Collection of two bulk items per week
  • Collection of two cubic yards of construction and demolition debris per week
  • Spring Cleanup day collection
  • Holiday tree collection

Seniors age 65 and older are eligible for a Senior Program. The 2023 monthly cost for the Senior Program is $13.68 per home.

Fees for Additional Services

Yardwaste / Senior Stickers $3.15
Yardwaste Toter Monthly Rental $4.20
Extra Recycle Toter $3.15
Extra Bulk Item $36.77
Extra Debris (per cubic yard) $26.27
Back Door Service (per 3 months) $208.02

Rates effective February 1, 2023