Fox River Grove

Neighborhood Traffic Enforcement Program (NTEP)

The Village launched its Neighborhood Traffic Enforcement Program in 2016 as a targeted response to perceived traffic issues (speeding, failure to stop at a stop sign, etc.) in several areas throughout the Village. The program addresses immediate concerns and uses information gathered to update the regular enforcement schedule.

The first step is to deploy a traffic monitoring device that gathers data on both speed and volume, allowing enforcement to be assigned to appropriate time periods based on peak volumes. In the event that data and/or enforcement show that there is a traffic issue to be addressed at the monitored location, it is added to the regular traffic enforcement schedule. Although traffic enforcement is regularly performed throughout the Village, locations with an identified issue (speeding, failure to stop at a stop sign, etc.) are enforced more frequently.

Each location receiving additional attention as part of the program is evaluated on an ongoing basis to ensure that the targeted enforcement is being directed to the locations in the Village that require the most attention.

Residents are encouraged to report traffic or speed enforcement concerns by completing this form.