Fox River Grove

Budget & Finance

Budget Structure
The Village of Fox River Grove does not operate under a unified budget. Instead, the Village's funds operate as separate funds with their own revenue sources and expenses. The following is a description of the Village's operating funds.

General Fund: The General Fund pays for general government expenditures. The general expenditures include Administration, Streets and Parks, Police, Building and Zoning. Major General Fund revenues are from sales tax, income tax, property tax, building permit fees, miscellaneous fines, and utility taxes.

Retirement Fund: The Retirement fund pays for the Village's non-police pension employee retirement benefits. It receives funding from certain Village operating funds based on the percentage of payroll in each fund with a portion of the property tax levy paying the General Fund's share.

Insurance Fund: The Insurance Fund pays liability, property and workers compensation liabilities for all Village operations. Revenue comes from contributions made from certain operating funds based upon the percentage of spending, with of portion of the property tax levy paying for the General Fund's share.

Motor/Fuel: Under state law, expenses in this fund are related to right-of-way maintenance activities. The Motor/Fuel Fund receives funds based on population from the State's motor fuel tax.

Water/Sewer: The Water and Sewer Fund collects revenues from Village's billing of water and sewer customers to pay the costs for providing these utility services. This fund pays for the maintenance, continued operations of our facilities and tong term replacement of the facilities.

Parking Fund: The Parking Fund collects revenue from the daily fee charged to persons who park at the commuter parking lots for use in maintaining the parking lot and parking facilities.

Budget & Finance Documents

FY 2023/24 Budget