Fox River Grove

Why Fox River Grove?

The Village of Fox River Grove is a balanced, engaged community that offers the ideal blend of hometown flavor and business opportunity. The Village offers an array of single and multi-family housing opportunities, and is supported by a variety of specialty shops, restaurants and professional services. Good Shepherd Hospital is only minutes away. Residents enjoy a wide variety of recreational choices along the Village's picturesque namesake river, including fishing, boating, picnicking and a wealth of sports activities. The residents continue to have great pride and a strong attachment to local institutions, business, and activities. Volunteers run the Recreation Council sports programs and the many civic groups who organize charitable and community events. The active engagement of parents in the education of their children has also contributed to an award winning school system.

"I have lived in FRG for 26 years. I met my Husband of 23 years in FRG. I have two children, both of whom have gone through School District 3. I love this small community and what it has brought to my family. My children have experienced growing up in a small town where we know our neighbors and the people and businesses within our community, a community that supports each other. There's a certain closeness here that can't be described, but as for me, I'm proud to be FRG!" - Jean K.

"I have lived in FRG for 13 years, but my association with and love for this remarkable Village has been well over 20 years. Back then, I was here weekly babysitting my first and eventually my second grandchild. Back then, there were no sidewalks or traffic signals to get from the Foxmoor neighborhood to the little shopping center that was here then. Yet its merchants were so delightful to deal with, that I chanced walking across Rt. 14 to bring my grandchildren shopping." - MaryLou N.